..so i guess the potholes in michigan arent really that bad..
..so im posting this pic bass ackwards from the order of new motos in the stable..got this 250 4 stroke benelli bout 2 weeks ago(before the sporty) and have just been slackin' on the posts(until today anyway)..the lil thing was pretty well kept, has low miles and i was super stoked that it had some high-shouldered aluminum rims on it..i have it in my mind that i may do a slight "cafe" treatment to it when time allows..keep in mind it will have my own twist to that style, race inspired for sure..im just a bit offended by all the "cafe" jap bikes(please dont misunderstand my thoughts here, i'm all for the jap motos,have two myself) poppin' up 'round the mitten lately..as far as my research has gone, brits didn't mess with motos from the far east..so, in reality, are all these scoots really "cafe" bikes or just a tip of the hat to what they were doin' back then..??..same goes for that damned "bobber" term..what gives..??..i guess i'm just a "term nazi"..to each their own as long as we are on two wheels right..??..well, keep cuttin' 'em up and i'll see yall on the road..
..im doin a few changes to the chop-fighter for the season, including the switch to this rapido tank..im also gonna make a new tailsection and have decided to strut it again..also on the slate are some new pipes, a different taillight and plate tag(i hear the fuzz is givin us grief on vertical mounts so i may abide)..so, as with any of my personal projects, the sportys will be tinkered with in between customer jobs..oh......i'd love some feedback on the rapido..i'm hopin it doesn't give ya'll a detroit(ferndale)brothers feeling..i will post some more as we progress..
..figured i throw in this nice shot of my old biscayne, this is a shot taken in royal oak after i redid the old girl for rob..she has since moved to louisiana, hope the new owner loves her as much as we did here..
..so i recently traded this F-1 for this 70 ironhead..i've been on the hunt for for one for some time so that i could put the driveline in a hardtailed chopper frame i had layin around..got a few customer projects to get caught up on and i will start piecing her together..so stayed tuned for some fun updates..
sorry i havent posted lately..heres a shot of me layin the lines on derricks rebelmoto...
..this is a shot of the axle plate detail on moreno's KZ, we are gonna make it look like the new tube was always there..
..so with a bit of welding and such, this lil guy should look right at home..i will post some more pics soon..
..here are a few shots of a 70s 750 honda chopper tank that i just picked up..trading some pinstriping for it..im going to try to get the rest of the bike..or whats left..its missing the top triple tree and it doesnt have a motor but chuck says he has one that we can put in the chassis..its a hardtail frame with some up and some out,didnt do any measuring..has an old chrome drag specialties octagon oil bag..a neat his and hers seat and a chrome square rod sissy bar that i believe held the taillight..oh, i almost forgot, dual square headlights that have the strangest line going thru them..so i may have good project for sale soon for anyone who doesnt mind motorbikes with really wide engines..not really my cup of tea..iced tea..oh..the oval area on the top seems to show evidence of maybe a photo or decal glued to it and tied in with the paintjob..kooky..
..sooooo how about this relic..?..
..well the fellas and i went for our after lunch walk out to the field, and the sun feels so nice today that Zach and Kosmo decided that this was a better alternative to a walk..go figure..so i just hung out on the bridge and watched the creek pass by while they got some sun..i will post again a bit later to share the fruits of todays labor..
...it seems that as of late, i have become the guy to bring yer scooter to if you want a monoshock conversion...so starting with Moreno's KZ400, we will see how it goes...also in the mix for the single shock mafia, is Joel's '76 BMW and if i get those two on the road fast enough, i may cut into my daily rag for the same treatment as well..other continuing projects are Tine's LTD440 and Teresa's CB550 which is a full build including a hardtail, one-off split tanks and some other neat tricks, flavored after a post-war cut down(the term bobber makes me cringe)...as updates carry on, i will keep yall up to speed...and thank you for your interest in DiSorDer StUdiO....sethro

Moreno's KZ 400 Project